how to make a Orichalcum ring video tutorial

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Here is a video show you how to make classic orichalcum ring step by step.

there are some argue that people do not know the traditional way to make orichalcum ring, here iis a voice of someone”

no one is totally completely sure what Orichalcum was, but evidence does support that it was perhaps a naturally occuring Copper-Zinc alloy that the ancients were unable to recognize as an alloy and not a distinct metal. Metallurgy of zinc back then wasn’t understood and the refining process was very impercise. The addition of lead, iron, and other trace metals were likely incidental or irregular due to the smelting process and surrounding ore, one batch might have more iron the next more nickel. Other brass alloys produced at the same time period would have been indistinguishable and would have all been named Orichalcum.”

at the same time people watch the video and said, ” well in tails of Atlantis it was said to be second only in value to gold, and was used to make most of the temple of Poseidon. it was said to only exist on Atlantis where it was mined. in history Orichalcum was the term given to some bronze alloy coins of the Roman empire. they where viewed as more valuable than copper coins. in 2015 a number of ingots believed to be Orichalcum where discovered off the coasts of Gela in Sicily on a sunken ship. after examining the ingots they where found to be alloy consisting of 75-80% copper, 15-20% zinc, and smaller percentages of nickel, lead and iron. meaning these Orichalcum ingots where actually brass. Today people use relatively the same formula only replacing the lead with silver”

some still says that: “A beautiful ring with a soundtrack that brought back a lot of memories. Like so many, I grew up hearing the Warner Brothers studio orchestra play Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody in old Warner Brothers cartoons. It was a favorite of Director Friz Freeling and he used it quite a few times. Even though he couldn’t read music he knew it so well his timing sheets synchronized perfectly to the music.”

let me sum up, no matter how you consider what need to use and how much the material percentage is, the best way is give it a try and you will find out many useful things.

Good luck to your handmade rings.



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